Product Innovation

Industry suppliers tell Lauren Heath-Jones about their latest product, treatment and equipment launches



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23 Feb 2019 Spa Business: uniting the world of wellness
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Spa Business
2018 issue 4

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Spa Business -

Product Innovation

Industry suppliers tell Lauren Heath-Jones about their latest product, treatment and equipment launches

Bubble tent offers spa whatever the weather, says Ferran Monfort
The inflatable bubble can be used as a stylish outdoor treatment room
Ferran Monfort

Spanish-based design firm Eye in the Sky is the creator of an transparent inflatable ‘bubble tent’ which could be used as a stylish outdoor treatment room, enabling spas to offer guests a one-of-a-kind alfresco experience whatever the weather.

Designed to offer a “uniquely immersive nature experience” without compromising on guests’ comfort, the bubble is a UV-protected, fully waterproof, climate-controlled cocoon, constructed from a strong, high-tech polyester fabric.

It comes in a range of sizes (3m-5m) and configurations, including the addition of an adjoining ‘bubble bathroom’ equipped with a toilet and shower. Wooden floors and bespoke furnishings are also available.

"We offer a new experience where guests can relax in comfort under the night sky"

Ferran Monfort, export manager and business development manager at Eye in the Sky, says: “People know what it is to go to a spa or a hotel, what we offer is a new experience where guests can relax in comfort under the night sky.”

Most recently, the company installed a ‘beach bubble’ at the Finolhu Resort in the Maldives so that guests can enjoy stargazing without compromising on high-spec design and luxurious creature comforts.


Finolhu Resort uses the bubble for a stargazing experience
Full Balance footpath promotes wellbeing and foot health, says Bernhard Wallner
There are six floor stations each designed to stimulate different reflexology points
Ferran Monfort

Full Balance, an Austrian provider of reflexology tiles, has created a stimulating barefoot experience at the Therme Erding spa in Germany.

The Tile & Stone reflexology footpath, which can be used to supplement existing spa treatments, consists of six floor stations. Each station has a tile designed to stimulate a different reflexology point, just by using strategically placed stones and the guest’s own body weight.

Handcrafted from natural materials, the tiles are intended to offer the health benefits of reflexology, which include increased circulation and improved organ function, and promote overall foot health.

"We’re happy to have partners such as the Therme Erding who share our vision and are open to set new trends. Four weeks after opening our footpath, the response from the guests is very positive and manifold which makes this project already a big success," says Bernhard Wallner, co-founder of Full Balance.

"The response from the guests is very positive"


Dave Foster unveils Designworks’ glow-in-the-dark tile collection
The Fosfo range uses luminescent pigments to create eye-catching displays
Dave Foster

High-end tile supplier Designworks has revealed a range of luminous mosaic tiles to bring light into wet areas.

The Fosfo range uses luminescent pigments, which ‘charge’ when exposed to light, to create a eye-catching glow-in-the-dark display.

The collection is available in sheets for a full on light show, or in a random pattern for a more subtle effect. Up to six colours are available including, blue, grey and beige.

The tiles feature the company’s JointPoint technology, an innovation that allows for easy application and stronger adhesion.

"These tiles work beautifully as a feature wall in spas"

"Our new Fosfo collection adds vibrancy, fun and distinction to the Designworks mosaics range. These tiles work beautifully as a feature wall in spas and steamrooms and look spectacular when integrated in swimming pools, especially at night," says Dave Foster, head of leisure sales at Designworks.

"We predict this new collection will be very popular amongst luxury hotels and spas which are looking to add a unique touch to guests’ experience."


The Fosfo range uses luminescent pigments to create eye-catching displays
Japanese bathing rituals are an antidote to modern life, says Iacopo Torrini
The company supplies ofuro soaking tubs worldwide. Its latest project was in Italy
Iacopo Torrini

Bartok Design, which makes and supplies Japanese bathtubs known as ofuro, has completed a major installation at the newly opened SpaFusion at the Pallazzo Varignana hotel near Bologna, Italy (pictured).

The brainchild of Italian architect Iacopo Torrini, Bartok creates handmade ofuro for spas. Used in traditional Japanese bathing rituals, ofuro are soaking tubs, made from aromatic woods, designed specifically for relaxation purposes.

Guests simply lay back in hot scented water for 30 minutes to an hour, before emerging soothed and revitalised, their stresses soaked away.

"Japanese bathing is a transformative experience"

The tubs, which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, are made-to-order and are completely bespoke, with the company offering a range of model, size and material options, including straight and knotty hinoki wood

Torrini says: “Japanese bathing is a transformative experience. The aroma of the wood and the sound of running water create a sensory experience that serves as an antidote to modern life.”


Brian Brazeau introduces Comfort Zone’s hormone ageing line
The company supplies ofuro soaking tubs worldwide. Its latest project was in Italy
Brian Brazeau

Italian skincare company Comfort Zone has partnered with hormone-health specialist Dr Alyssa Burns-Hill to develop a range of products and treatments targeting hormonal changes in the skin due to ageing.

Sublime Skin Hormon-Aging is aimed at women experiencing the menopause and consists of a skin oil, serum as well as a facial.

“It’s an extension of our best-selling rejuvenating line“

The products are formulated to comfort, re-densify, regenerate and hydrate menopausal skin. Active ingredients include passion fruit oil to stimulate cellular turnover, weakened by the drop in estrogen production, while the facial combines special massage techniques – a firm, kneading dermal petrissage and the Japanese kobido method of applied pressure through the fingers – to reactivate cellular communication.

Brian Brazeau, general manager of Comfort Zone, says: “The new Sublime Skin Hormon-Aging is a strategic extension to our best-selling rejuvenating line to respond to the specific physical and emotional impact of the hormonal changes due to menopause.

“The new facial enhances the regenerating and re-densifying properties of the specific oil-based formulas and homecare product sizes are also available.”


Christina Salcedas introduces Aromatherapy Associates’ new Hydrasol Sheet Masks
Ingredients include hyaluronic acid to moisturise and soothing aloe vera
Christina Salcedas

Aromatherapy Associates has expanded its skincare range with a “next generation sheet mask”.

The Hydrasol Sheet Mask is intended to leave the skin firm, radiant and intensely hydrated. It’s infused with active ingredients, including hyaluronic acid to moisturise, aloe vera to soothe, turmeric root extract to form a protective barrier and frankincense to plump the skin, as well as hand-blended essential oils.

“It’s a great fuss-free way to inject skin with a boost of moisture“

Used as an add-on to a professional treatment or retailed in spas, the mask is non-slip and designed to fit snugly to the contours of the face. It’s made from a biodegradable material sourced from eucalyptus wood.

“We’ve spent a long time developing the Hydrasol Sheet Mask and couldn’t be more thrilled with the results,” says Christina Salcedas, global director of education at Aromatherapy Associates.

“It’s a great fuss-free way to inject skin with a boost of moisture. Skin feels lifted, firm and beautifully smooth in just 10 minutes,” she adds.


Elemental Herbology scrub combines aromatherapy with exfoliation, says Louise Riby
The scrub contains both the shell of the coconut and its oil
Louise Riby

Elemental Herbology has launched a body scrub to complement its new full-body exfoliating treatment.

Combining aromatherapy with exfoliation and intense nourishment, the Coconut Shell Cream Body Scrub is designed to gently buff and polish the skin, leaving behind a healthy and glowing complexion.

The scrub contains both the shell of the coconut and its oil for “maximum skin smoothing benefit”. The shell, which acts as a natural exfoliant, buffs and smooths the skin, while the oil intensely hydrates. Other ingredients include shea butter and aloe vera to improve the skin’s texture.

“We wanted to make the perfect everyday scrub – one that buffed and polished to a gorgeous glow, but also left skin velvety soft and hydrated. By using coconut shell to exfoliate and oil to nourish, we’ve achieved both,” says Elemental Herbology MD Louise Riby.

“We wanted to make the perfect everyday scrub”

Also available as a retail product, the scrub is used throughout the deeply relaxing ritual, which can be customised with different scented body oils.

The first half of the treatment focuses on exfoliation, while the second half sees the application of aromatherapy oils to lock in moisture, for healthier, more radiant looking skin.


“Breathe in and feel good” with Neom Wellbeing Pod, says Nicola Elliott
Four essential oils are intended to help people sleep better, stress less and to boost mood
Nicola Elliott

Neom Organics has released an electronic aromatherapy oil diffuser and a complementary range of Wellbeing Essential Oil Blends.

Nicola Elliott, founder and creative director says: “The Wellbeing Pod is the perfect, powerful electronic diffuser for scenting large spaces in spas, letting wellbeing fragrance drift around for clients to breathe in and feel good.”

Neom claims the pod delivers the optimal amount of scent, by creating high frequency vibrations that break the water and oils down into tiny particles before diffusing them into the air. It’s also equipped with low-energy LED lights and a timer, making it suitable for dark treatment rooms or lighter communal areas.

The four new essential oils have been formulated to help people achieve better sleep, stress less and boost energy and mood levels.

“The perfect, powerful electronic diffuser for scenting large spaces in spas”

The elegantly-designed pod can be used or retailed by spas and Elliot believes it’s “the future of home fragrance”.

Elliott, used to edit UK consumer lifestyle magazine Glamour, before retraining as an aromatherapist and nutritionist.

The Wellbeing Pod retails at £90 (US$117, €101) and the four oils at £60 (US$78, €67).


Carsten Schueerhoff reveals new transdermal treatments for men
The Fight transdermal application promotes cell renewal in male skin
Carsten Schueerhoff

German cosmeceutical company Seyo has developed a range of products to go with its Transdermal Application (TDA) treatment, a non-invasive skin therapy device, which allows active ingredients to penetrate the skin without the use of needles.

Fight TDA and Rescue TDA are designed specifically for male skin.

Lasting between two and 10 minutes Rescue TDA targets sensitive, stressed and irritated skin. It’s intended to reduce the appearance of redness and soothe inflammation, from shaving, as well as stimulate cell renewal and nourish the skin.

“More and more men are coming into spas seeking treatments just for them”

Fight TDA is an anti-ageing treatment that’s suitable for use all over the face, including the delicate under-eye area. It’s designed to leave the skin looking younger, fresher and revitalised, and claims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, promote cell renewal and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier.

Carsten Schueerhoff, CEO of Seyo, says: “We have experienced a continuous increase of skincare treatments, especially for men. More and more men are coming into spas seeking treatments just for them.

“We have been receiving extremely positive feedback from our customer and partners,” he adds.


Originally published in Spa Business 2018 issue 4

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